There's a Secret to Healthier Looking Lawns

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If you compare a fertilized lawn versus one without, you'll instantly see a difference. Therefore, depending on how you want it to look or how heavily it is used, you need to decide. Most Big Island home and business owners with higher standards look for the bestlawn fertilizing Kailua-Konaoffers to keep their turf looking its best. Like any plant, grass depletes the underlying soil over time, and if you don't replenish the nutrients and control weed, it won't be looking its best for longer. If you have environmental concerns, organic fertilizers can be used instead of chemical versions in many cases.

Professionally applied weed control uses only carefully selected herbicides that target unwanted weeds with a small amount of product. It considers each lawn's use with a focus on protecting children and pets. Because the presence of weeds overwhelms turf grass, they need to be eradicated (or prevented) to keep a lawn in optimal condition. Weed control and fertilization work together to produce optimal results. Most contractors that provide mowing services can also return to apply weed killer and fertilizer. It's part of their duties, including tree and shrub maintenance.

Having a beautiful lawn that's pleasant to use is a quality-of-life enhancement for any property, residential or commercial. Because not all soil is ideally suited to grow turf grass, you may need to add nutrients routinely. Today's products are easier on the environment than their predecessors, and the goal is to use as little as possible to achieve the desired results. You can try to do it yourself in some cases, but you need application equipment like spreaders and sprayers, which can be costly. You'd also need to learn about each product's safe handling practices, so hiring someone is easier.

Even though our Hawaii island tropical climate is conducive to growing things, you aren't guaranteed a perfect lawn. In some cases, you may need to start from scratch with a topsoil delivery and new turf installation. The quickest way is to install sod, although seeding is possible. It's heavy work, and expert crews can handle it much more quickly than you can on your own. They also have the benefit of experience having done it before that they bring to your project. It's a wise investment to improve the value of your home or the image of your store or office. Well-tended lawns always look better.