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Today this post has been explained in detail explaining all the things about the Best Time to Visit Mussoorie. Visiting Mussoorie is the dream of those who want to spend a few days relaxing in the mountains and are fond of enjoying the snow. If you search for the best time to visit Mussoorie from anywhere, all you will get is that the good time to visit Mussoorie is from April or May to June, but the reason is not given.

Today in this article I will told you for the Best Time to Visit Mussoorie Mussoorie, commonly known as the "Queen of Hills," is a lovely hill station in North India that is easily accessible and affordable. While there is no set Best Time to Visit Mussoorie, it has grown in popularity as a year-round vacation destination for families and friends.

Mussoorie is the destination to visit if you want to unwind and spend some time in the midst of natural beauty. As you travel to Mussoorie, you will come across several jewels, and a few will be uncovered as you travel through the lush green hills coated in thick layers of snow during the peak season. However, if you want to view the mountains covered in white snow, you should know when the optimum time to visit Mussoorie for snowfall is.

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie and the goods to be taken with you-

If you are planning a trip to Mussoorie, then you should know all the things mentioned in the list below. In this list, the time of going to Mussoorie and the things to be taken with you according to the season have been told.

SR No.

Time to Visit Mussurie


Condition Weather Wicked


February to march

Cold winter

All Stuff for Cold winter


April To June

Pleasant Weither

Normal Clothes


July to August

Monsoon Time

Rain Coat and a umbrella


September to October

Nice Weather

Sweater or jacket


November to mid December

Extreme Cold

All stuff of extreame cold


Mid December to Jaunuary

Snow Fall

All the stuff of cold. Gloves and sports or trekking shoes are a must.

February To march

If you go to visit Mussoorie in the month of February to March, then you will have to face cold. Because you also know very well that till March, it is very cold in the whole of India and Mussoorie is a completely mountainous area. You must also know that hilly place gets more cold, so if you are going on a trip to Mussoorie in the month of February to March, then definitely keep cold items with you.

April to june

As you would also know that from April to June, the whole of India is the summer season. This is the Best Time to Visit Mussoorie. In such a situation, if you have been troubled by the heat and are in search of a cold tourist place or hill station, then Mussoorie trip between April and June will be best for you, because the weather of Mussoorie Hill Station is also in the time of April to June. It is lovely. You can enjoy the pleasant weather well in the month of April to June on Mussoorie Trip. If you want, you can also go on a trip to Mussoorie with your children and the whole family during the summer vacation.

July to August

You must also know that the period from July to mid-August is called the monsoon season and during the monsoon season, the whole of India receives more or less rainfall. If you plan a trip to Mussoorie during the monsoon season, then you may not be able to complete this trip, as the mountain becomes wet due to the rains during the monsoon, due to which there is a possibility of land slide. The danger increases. Therefore, if possible, do not plan your trip to Mussoorie during the monsoon season.

September To October

The September to October plan is best for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle and have less budget. Due to lesser number of tourists visiting Mussoorie from September to October, the fare of hotels and taxis etc. becomes very less, so if you want to complete the whole team in a low budget, then September to October is the best month for you. will be good. Mussoorie has a pleasant season in these two months, yet you must carry a sweater or jacket with you.

November to Mid December

This time is for those tourists who want to complete their trip in the cold season. Mussoorie gets very cold from November to mid-December and in such a situation, if a tourist is planning a trip to Mussoorie, then he should have all the cold items, because Mussoorie is more hilly than other cities of Uttarakhand. I feel colder.

Mid December to January

This time to visit Mussoorie is the dream time of many people of India, so many tourists from all parts of India come to Mussoorie to fulfill their dream time of Mussoorie. Now you must be thinking that why this time is the dream time of tourists visiting Mussoorie? The reason for this is that this is the time when the snow fall occurs in Mussoorie and who does not like to enjoy the snow fall. Due to snowfall in Mussoorie in these one and a half months, lakhs of tourists come from far and wide to visit Mussoorie. If you are also fond of enjoying snow fall, then you can plan a trip to Mussoorie during this time.


Friends, the best time to visit Mussoorie is from April to June, which is the month where most tourists come to visit Mussoorie. But this month there is a lot of crowd, which has to face a lot of problems because due to the increase in the crowd, the charges of the hotel double and the things of food, drink and shopping also become very expensive.

Second option is Best Time to Visit MussoorieIn January, there is a lot of crowd at the time of New Year, here even at this time lakhs of tourists visit Mussoorie. But if you have time, then you can go in October also because there is not much crowd at this time due to which hotels are also available at good rates and food items are also available very cheap with good facilities.