Essential Qualitative Research Methods for Nursing Students In 2022

The use of research and especially qualitative research is not uncommon. Nursing professionals are constantly engaged in the research process as they are always needed to bring improvement in what they do.

The use of research and especially qualitative research is not uncommon. Nursing professionals are constantly engaged in the research process as they are always needed to bring improvement in what they do.

As nursing practices can be observed effectively through observation, nursing research is currently conducted usingqualitative researchmethods or design. It is because the majority of nursing research on the global level has been basically qualitative in nature.

Based on the view of professional writers (in some cases), students can be witnessed as weaker at conducting research. This is because they usereliable essay writing servicetobuy essays onlinewhile studying at high school or college. Do not worry, gaining command of key qualitative research methods can make you (as a nurse) an efficient researcher.

However, you think how will I find and learn these methods? No need to worry, the following are the essential qualitative research methods for nursing students, which will make things easier for you.

Essential Qualitative Research Methods for Nursing Students

  1. Phenomenology Method

Phenomenology is the basic and key research method used by nurses or nursing professionals worldwide. The key purpose of the phenomenology research method is to define and describe a particular phenomenon of interest as it is experienced by people or individuals.

In order to choose a specific sample for the phenomenological research study, make sure to purposely select groups or individuals, who have experienced or at least witnessed the phenomenon. As a result, you will be much more likely to reach highly realistic and accurate results.

  1. Ground Theory Method

As a nurse, you can use the 'Ground Theory research method mainly when you are interested in the situation or phenomenon that involves social processes underlying human behavior as well as experiences. To make the perfect and most efficient use of the Ground Theory method, make sure to identify and understand its key characteristics. Specifically, the key characteristics of this particular method Ground Theory involve;

  • Comparison of the collected data with various but emerging categories
  • Theoretical sampling

In this sense, try to identify and understand the basic/key characteristics of the method (i.e., Ground Theory). So, you will be able to make productive use of the method or approach in your research process.

  1. Ethnography Method

According to professional writers or authors, the ethnography research method is used when research is seeking a deeper description and understanding of a particular group, population, or even culture. This is the major reason why the ethnography research method includes experiencing and most frequently by the participant of the research study.

Whenever you are supposed to use this method, take the responsibility of describing the varying and unique rules or procedures of the behavior of the group, community, or culture you are studying.

Sometimes, it could be witnessed that nursing students hireskilled writersand ask themto write essays. This happens with them because they face difficulty describing the unique rules and processes of the population's behavior.

However, the same is suggested to you. It is because you may not write a masterful essay or paper if you cannot describe the varying rules and processes of the population. As a result, your work would not be likely to make you stand out, which is disastrous for every student.

  1. Narrative Inquiry Method

This research method is a widely interpreted and determined approach used by a large segment of nursing students. The Narrative Inquiry method includes individual-level narrative accounts as well as an interpretation of the meaning of each account.

In the Narrative Inquiry method, narratives could be evaluated for their structure or content based on research requirements. For example, the researcher looks at what has been said and analyzes key factors when the narratives are evaluated for content. Hence, make use of narratives according to the key purpose of your research.

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