MLA 9 referencing and formatting guide for your literary analysis

Writing has never been something that is done without following rules and certain patterns. No matter how hard or easy it may seem to someone but it is an essential part of the curriculum all over the world.

Some students find writing assignments easy and fun to write while others do not enjoy it that much.

Essays are something that is used during school and college times to polis the writing skills of the students as well as evaluates their research and writing at the same time. There are many different types of essays and each one has its own demands and patterns that the writer must follow to do great in their assignment or task.

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Literary analysis is an analysis where the writer analyzes a part of literature and writes about it. It is not biased or used to criticize the author, rather it is written to evaluate the key points of that piece/ part of literature. Credit has to be given where it is due because the authors deserve this. For that purpose, multiple referencing techniques are used. The newest one is the MLA format edition 9. There have been some changes to the previous versions and I will be explaining this referencing style here for your ease. You can also find help from essay writing service such and ask him to write my essay for me.

  • In MLA 9, the referencing has to be done on a separate page at the end of your essay or document.

  • In-text citations are used and their full details are matched or referred to the works-cited list at the end of the document.

  • All the entries that you make in the works cited list has to be double spaced.

  • The second line of each and every source in that list should be 0.5 indented from the margin.

  • If there are some sources who are by the same author then you have to write the name of the author in the first source and for the next sources just use --- below the first sources author name.

  • Authors name, title, and pages are mentioned.

  • For more than one author what you can do is to use a comma between the names of these authors before mentioning anything else.

  • If there is no author mentioned then you have to write a short title in place of the name and use that for reference.

  • Authors with the same surname cant be written because it might create confusion so for that include the initial along with the surname.

  • If page numbers or chapter numbers are used in the sources then you can use that while referencing along with the authors name.

  • If you are citing some parenthetical or a quote then use qte before the name of the author.

Referencing has to be done properly without any mistakes or loopholes because that might alter the meaning of that source or provide a wrong link. This can offend some readers and will make you lose a grade so do not make that mistake. You can also find help from online essay writer and ask write my essays for me .Good luck!