APA citation styles for journal articles, websites, reports, and books – guide

APA citation styles for journal articles, websites, reports, and books – guide

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APA Style

The American Psychological Association style itself could assist you apprehend how to add in-text citations within a research report or journal articles. Normally, the guidelines for this specific format include crafting an abstract, an intro, body paragraph as well as bibliography. An APA Format is one of the most common styles used to write research papers related to different fields. This format includes a 12-point font size having a theme font of Times New Roman. The essay is written with a double-spaced. The new paragraph is started using the Tab key and there should 1-inch margin on paper sides. Similarly, a running head is inserted in the header at the top of every page of document. The running head has a capacity of 50 characters together with spaces.

In-Text Citations

The sentences that provide references of another authors work should include an in-text citation. Under APA approach, writer uses the author-date style and within parentheses states the name of professional writer and the year of publication when referencing sentence ends. For instance, One study found that the applicants create a striking, refined, concise, and well-organized resume to highlight qualifications that would enable them to stand out in a crowd as the best applicant (Oraison et al., 2020).


After completing an essay for your research, APA style requires creating a page of references that will list citations for all provided references in the document. The word References appears at the center of the page on the first line without any further formatting. In APA style, last name of author appears first and then after comma all other initials are listed along with a period. Lets have a look on an example of APA reference style;

Hoe, C. (2017). Sprites facts: An antiquity of footnotes. William, VT: Obscure Towns Press.

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