At present, such a concept as an escort service has begun to appear more and more often. So what is it?

Escort as a type of sex services appeared in our country relatively recently. And if prostitution is considered one of the oldest professions on Earth, then the escort as a species appeared only some 10-15 years ago.

It is difficult to give a specific date for the appearance of this type of service, because initially cunning pimps used this beautiful new word to cover up their dirty deeds. After all, if prostitution is prohibited in our country, then a simple escort is quite legal and acceptable.

Such a cunning move even made it possible to advertise on the Internet and not only, with the proposal that a beautiful girl accompany a man to some event, and then, accordingly, how it goes. And it doesnt matter what kind of event there will be, a social ball, a flight to the Maldives, or a regular trip to a restaurant, or at least to a store for bread, the essence of the work has not changed, only the way it is presented in advertising has changed. But gradually, from the usual prostitution, served under the guise of escort, it was the escort that began to stand out. That is, it was the services of providing a girl that began to come to the fore, just in order to go out with her, but still no one canceled the intimate component.

The price tag for an escort is noticeably different from the price tag of even the most experienced prostitute. There is a quite simple and understandable explanation for the fact that an escort is so expensive. If in the case of prostitution a man in 95% of cases pays for sex, then in an escort, in most cases, you have to pay for the attitude, for the status, for the interlocutor. In addition, all the girls who provide escort services have a model appearance, regularly visit spas, gyms, take care and take care of themselves.

What is a VIP escort in this case is clear and so.

The VIP category will include models, winners of beauty contests, while having a higher education, sometimes knowing more than one foreign language, able to speak on any topic, keep up the conversation perfectly, and with whom you can go to an event or go on vacation to another country and she everywhere will look organic.

We can probably assume that the VIP escort gained such popularity and fame thanks to the film "Pretty Woman", the main character of which was an ordinary prostitute who liked a rich man, whom he hired to spend some time with him. She also went to events with him, bought clothes, and rested. But if in the film everything looks beautiful and ends well, then in life this is not always the case, because in life everything is much more complicated, but more on that later.

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