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"Cher is good and doesn't cry. Siyu, the owner of the Ice and Snow City, laboriously raised her fingers,

Dong Wenjiang shrugged his shoulders. "There is a new move in Shanghai. It is said that there will be training next month. Your branches are distributed in more than 90 different cities across the country, but there are only 30 training places. I guess it is a prelude to transferring you back. Take a good attitude and stop quarreling with people. Do you really want to stay in this broken city all your life?"? In charge of this mess of the company? Xu Fangqing did not speak. Her eyes followed the search dogs back and forth. Xiao Aiyue followed them with a little yellow thing in her hand, bowing her back, more like a dog than those dogs. sammi。 "I know in my heart." Xu looked back at him and said, "but what's the point of me going back?" "We have a clue." Xiao Aiyue ran over with a smile, "Manager Xu, they found the clue." Xu Fangqing was annoyed by the vigorous smile on her face, "Xiao Aiyue, go away." Xiao Aiyue touched her nose and her face suddenly collapsed. "Oh." Dong Wenjiang looked at Xiao Aiyue's back and asked Xu Fangqing with interest, "Is this your subordinate?" "Yes." "It's cute." Xu Fangqing disliked him without changing his face. "Are you also interested in this type of little one?" Don't you think she's good? The appearance is comely, the stature is also good, the disposition not to mention, even you can stand, is a good seedling. Dong Wenjiang gestured at Xiao Aiyue's figure and said, "Unfortunately, I don't like women." Director Wang did a lot of things. Xiao Aiyue had a headache when she looked at the bad products fished out of the river. The river was dug out by hand. Xiao Yang said that it was because it was convenient for employees to wash clothes. The bad products were in the water. If Haoya refused to admit it and insisted that it was because Haimeng deliberately threw them into the water, it would be troublesome. Xu Fangqing is still chatting with the man, Xiao Aiyue wants to discuss with her in the past, but also worried that she will drive herself away, still hesitating,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, the man next to the dog asked her, "Do you need all of them?" "Yes." Xiao Aiyue nodded, "fish it all out." Defective products were piled up all over the road, which finally attracted the attention of Dongwenjiang. "Wow, your company even has a warehouse in the water?" Xiao Aiyue can think of things, Xu Fangqing how can not think of, she and others fished up all the defective products,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, turned back to ask behind the pale Wang factory director, "factory director think, how to deal with now?" "I, I, all depend on the vice president to handle." "There is no vice president here." Dong Wenjiang sneered disdainfully, "Sammi, I don't think these people will shed tears without seeing the coffin." "Give the notice. Within ten minutes, all the managers will call a meeting." The number of people at this meeting was much more than when Xu Fangqing first called the meeting. Xu Fangqing called the roll one by one and asked all the department managers to provide all the detailed accounts for the past six months. Xiao Aiyue was responsible for collecting the manual accounts. All the electronic files were sent to Xiao Aiyue's mailbox. In less than 20 minutes, all the managers were exhausted as if they had lost a battle. Xu Fangqing is serious, not only to check the warehouse purchasing department and so on, her target is the whole factory, the whole manager, in the river fished up more than two hundred thousand defective products, director Wang shrank in the position, Amber Dropper Bottles ,30ml Dropper Bottle, the expression on his face is very ugly. Xu Fangqing opened his mouth lightly, "Remove the position of factory director, all relevant managers, will be dismissed and stay in the factory to check, if necessary, I will choose to call the police." Everyone has a problem, this is Xiao Aiyue's intuition, she held the information behind Xu Fangqing, carefully asked her, "Manager Xu, if the factory director dismissed, what if the blame comes down?" "I am above you." Xu Fangqing stopped and looked at her strangely. "You don't have to worry about anyone else." You're awesome, Manager Xu. Dong Wenjiang wanted to go back and ran to Xu Fangqing's side to say goodbye to her. "I'll go back first. They are all my people. You don't have to pay me. Next time you go back to Hong Kong and invite me to dinner. The water in this factory is too deep. I suggest you call the headquarters. Just suggest that you don't despise me." Xu Fangqing nodded, "I have my own sense of propriety." In the final analysis, she really exceeded her authority, Xu Fangqing did it, there is nothing to be afraid of, she put aside Xiao Aiyue, took the phone to make a phone call outside. Xiao Aiyue is still considering the problem of defective products, also did not notice Xu Fangqing is deliberately want to leave her, she saw Xu Fangqing in front of the phone, hurriedly followed the past. I don't want to cause trouble. Can I be transferred back? Isn't it all a matter of the chairman's words? Xu Fangqing's voice on the phone was rather cold, and he succeeded in freezing Xiao Aiyue's footsteps in place? There are so many people who don't like me. Is there no such thing as H city? I need your authorization. What can I do if you want to keep me in H city? Don't go too far. I hate being led by the nose by others. It's up to you. Can you tie me up for a lifetime? It's a trivial place for you, but not for me. Xiao Aiyue is listening attentively, Xu Fangqing hung up the phone, she looked back at Xiao Aiyue, coldly hummed, "Xiao Aiyue, this is the second time you eavesdropped on my phone." Xiao Aiyue asked her, "Manager Xu, did I give you trouble?" Xu Fangqing sneers, "do you give me less trouble?" It seems that this time, Xiao Aiyue thought, "quite a few." ( ) Chapter 23 a woman who loves to cry. Xu Fangqing was lazy to argue with her, "You stay at night and check the inventory all night, including equipment and raw materials." Xiao Aiyue nodded obediently, "Well, you can rest assured that I will stay here, you go back first, tomorrow there will be results, I will call you." "First go out to buy some drinks, first take ten boxes, pack fast food back, find a cleaner shop, here is not convenient to swipe cards,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, do you have cash?" Xu Fangqing lowered his head and took out his wallet. "I have two thousand here. You can use it first." "Oh, Manager Xu, I'll give you a receipt. When will you go back?" 。 penghuangbottle.com